Minor Life Intrusion

Hey everyone– Pardon the silence from my end the last few weeks.  I had a bit of an epiphany at GDC to the effect that I’m not very happy out here in Los Angeles (and moreover can’t afford the cost of living here without taking on oodles of contract work) and I’d rather be back [...]

Evan goes to GDC!

Well, it’s that time of year again. I’ll be preoccupied for the next week with a trip to the Game Developers’ Conference in San Fransisco, though I might slip a small amount of Infinite Blank work in in the meantime.  I didn’t really consider this when I was projecting an update this weekend and for [...]

What time doth take…

…a game doth make. I’m fiddling with the next version of the software part of Infinite Blank.  I’ve come to realize that on its own it’s not really worth calling a game.  Rather, it’s something a game is played with.  Like a tennis racket, only more electric.  In light of that my long-term goal should [...]

0.3.1: The unbreakening

Hello everyone!  0.3.1 is out! This is a client-side update, so servers don’t need to be updated, strictly speaking.  It’s optional for clients too. Major changes are, avatars are back, (!) chat is less terrible, (!?) and favorite warp-points are fixed.  (!!!)  This smooths out a few of the most glaring issues with the game [...]

Nothing worth doing is easy…

0.3.0 is having a nice little start.  Two part-time servers yesterday and a new one brought up today, all seeing nice growth.  I’ve done a little doodling in all three.  And it’s nice to see this thing alive again. My attention is drawn now to the biggest among the many issues with the program, especially [...]

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