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FOR SHE HAS SEEN FIT, WITH HER MANY EYES, TO GRANT US A NEW VERSION OF THE BLANK! I’m sorry, I get this way when I stay up late.  (ie, when I wrote most of this) Anywho, admidst much late-night debugging I’ve managed to get the code to what appears to be a functional state. [...]

5:27 AM

Okay, bear with me here.  I finished the update, and the client and server appear to work.  (!)  I’m hung up on the Mac build and it’s really late.  I’m going to get some sanity sleep and push the update out tomorrow.

The Next Step

This project has been in a sorry state for some time.  That’s changing. I’ve made a decision.  Upon the next release of Infinite Blank, the server software will be distributed and the game will launch without a central server.  The reasons for this: I’m having a lot of trouble finding a way to host a [...]

The Status (and some thoughts)

Hey, all. So Infinite Blank’s on ice again, for the longest time yet in its short history.  I still see evidence that people come to check on the game now and again, so I ought to explain the status. A month and a half ago, I moved away from my birthplace in Iowa to Los [...]

An Excess of Moderation

Hey again. Today happens to be another anniversary for Infinite Blank:  the first release was one year ago.  Fancy that. Anyway, I’ve battled off the hordes of evil robots infecting the forums.  No longer will we be subjected to ads for hair removal, easy bake ovens, and yet more sinister things!  (Actually, there are a [...]

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