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Hey, all.

I haven’t been around very much and that mini-update isn’t ready yet; I’d like to explain why.  I’m a student, and I’ve got other projects going all the time (most of them unrelated to academics) — I’m currently crunching with a friend on a game development project related to a class we’re taking, which we’ve been procrastinating work on for our own reasons.  Mine was Infinite Blank, mostly.  Anyway, I’m going to need to focus on that for as much as the next week, meaning buggy, feature-starved 0.2.9 is going to stick around a while longer unless I can sneak in a bit of tinkering before then.

On the upside, an important piece of code that’s needed for this other project (used there to model shattering rock!) is the missing piece in the creation of a bug-free painter tool in Infinite Blank.  It’ll also make layers and some other planned features way easier to implement.

One other thing I’m tinkering with (much to the chagrin of my project partner) is the audio system in my engine; it now supports microphone input and lower latency sound.  It’s actually rather fancy, and most of that won’t show up in Infinite Blank any time soon; however, I’ve wanted for a while to make a voice-controlled tool for composing music.  That is, a tool that lets users sing or hum a tune and converts that into instrumental sound.  I think it would be an excellent addition to this creativity-focused game!  (Assuming I can overcome the technical hurdles in implementing it)

Thus are today’s pipe dreams–

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  1. zoid

     /  2011/04/11

    We will wait for 0.3 as much time as you need :D Anyway, we can get satisfaction from 0.2.9 at least for some period of time)
    BTW, “M” has told me that he is not going to play Blank anymore… also he told me password to his cells, it’s 1273144 – if someone wants to draw something interesting there – Welcome! :) Please don’t draw your nickname or you country flag there xD

    • cellulose

       /  2011/04/12

      That’s a bit of a shame; I hate to lose a player.

      For what it’s worth, I’d actually been contemplating an opt-in graffiti system that would be visible to those who wanted to use it and invisible to those who didn’t. M’s mischief gave me some good ideas about it.

      • zoid

         /  2011/04/12

        Sounds great, at early stages of this game i was already advising you to create this kind of system :) I suppose 0.3 will be fantastic with all this innovations :)

  2. A voice controlled music tool sounds like it would be all kinds of fun!

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