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All right!

I’m mostly done for now with the side project I was working on with my friend; it didn’t have any luck at the competition (due to it being a little lackluster when submitted) but another event a few days later awarded “best demo” to a somewhat improved version of the game.  For the curious, I might put up a demo.  Anyway, it all took a bit longer than expected; now it’s time to get back on the Blank.

I’m setting an few goals for the short term:  by Thursday of this week, I plan to have the new map-screen with “fog of war” for unexplored areas, fixed favorite points, and world entry points (essentially freebie favorite points) all implemented.  These features all improve the navigability of Infinite Blank’s terrain and help out with getting to someplace drawable, which has thus far been a huge problem.  For release 0.2.91 (Friday) I should have drawable avatars re-implemented, along with the long-promised “climbing hook” and possibly new wall materials.

In the meantime I’ll keep working on the math for the new Painter (layer tools are finally coming!) though I’ve made an update that should solve a lot of the current problems with it — it now runs faster and produces fewer errors, though editing cells created before the change actually produces more “cracks”.  I’ll also make those “flashes” less visible.

With any luck this “prerelease” business won’t carry on too long.

Over and out–

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  1. Kastuk

     /  2011/04/28

    What are we waiting for!

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