Crap. Another hitch.

Hey, guys.  :(

This is my laptop a few weeks ago.  At the time I was able to wiggle the screen to get it to quit this.  These last few days it’s become almost unusable, and I’m going to need to get it repaired.  This will delay the promised update a little while. I’m probably going to do a little tinkering of my own now, since I know what part is causing the problem.  If I can fix it (or, heck, just get it more stable for now) I won’t have to wait until Monday to get it to a shop.

The inability to use my computer has hilariously prompted me to get into drawing more; I tried out watercolor paints and did some sketching with a friend yesterday.  We also constructed a makeshift lightbox for tracing.  We’ll see if I get any fun ideas for Infinite Blank!

In other news, Blankcube (the server) has been moved to its new home for the summer, resting comfortably on an academic T100 line which ought to provide all the bandwidth needed.  This happened on April 27, causing a little downtime. It’ll stay here on campus as I embark on summer adventures. (as in go home)

One last thing worth mentioning: Prior the computer blowup, I was working on a pre-made palette for the painter with a better distribution of colors than the current, randomized one. (This tends to help the world look a bit more cohesive, and helps non-art folks like me make good choices about color relations.)  The plan is to have 24 “base” colors and a bar that selects highlight and shadow tones for them.  (Lighter and darker versions for shading)  In the future I’ll probably be ditching the “paint pots” look for color selection in favor of a more intuitive system.  The existing HSV/RGB controls will stay where they are and will be joined at some point by a color mixer.

Of course, this all comes AFTER I get the game feeling a little less broken. :)

Sorry for being slooooowwww…

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  1. good luck gettin stuff fixed and done :/

  2. Lucas

     /  2011/05/13

    Sorry your loss but i found a bug!I can’t favorite!I use Windows XP 32 bit OS and i can’t do a thing to fix!

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