Happy Birthday, Blank

Infinite Blank is one year old today. (June 5; I’m writing this as it ends)

Things are a bit slow now.  The laptop problems (fixed now) combined with a bit of old-fashioned summer indolence turned into a few weeks of doing nothing.  And now I’m starting to get involved with my summer work; a commercial game I’m doing with Plaid Notion.  It’s a shame for something like Infinite Blank to be a side project, as important as community and momentum are to it, but it is.

That said, all is certainly not lost.  I’m hoping to be able to juggle Blank development with my other project starting in another week or two.  Since they’ll be running much of the same code, there will be a decent amount of crossover.  I don’t have so much left to do for 0.3.0, I’m getting into productive habits with my other projects, and I plan to enter the project into Indiecade 2011, which gives me hard deadlines.

Still, the situation is far from ideal.  If in the end I find I can’t devote as much time to this project as I should, I’ll look into opensourcing it.

In 0.3.0 or one of the versions following it, I plan to launch an experiment in what kind of system people like best for quality control in worlds.  It’s something a lot of people have spoken up about, and if something autonomous and player-run can be put together, my absence won’t be a factor.  My thinking is that any systems I develop can be implemented as alternate main worlds, and the one which is best-liked will be played most.  It’s my hope that creativity and effort rather than artistic merit would be the basis for judgment.

Anyway.  No new versions, no deadlines, no promises for now.  This is a project close to my heart, and by far the most unique of any I’m working on.  Unlike the others, however (and as much as I like to say it has a dev-team of one thousand) I’m making this alone, and it can be a bit hard to stay motivated.  But I’m not dead, and neither is the Blank.

Happy Birthday, Blank–

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  1. Kastuk

     /  2011/06/06

    Cheers! Zdravia!

  2. Deasmo

     /  2011/06/22

    Cellulose, if you are still reading this, you should appoint a forum moderator that can defend the forum against the loads of spambots now spamming their spam everywhere. (Or do that yourself)

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