An Excess of Moderation

Hey again.

Today happens to be another anniversary for Infinite Blank:  the first release was one year ago.  Fancy that.

Anyway, I’ve battled off the hordes of evil robots infecting the forums.  No longer will we be subjected to ads for hair removal, easy bake ovens, and yet more sinister things!  (Actually, there are a few sleepers still, but they’ll be taken care of as they appear.)  There’s a chance I might have deleted a legitimate account or two, but I was careful and do not believe that to be the case.

In celebration of our victory over the cyborg army, and in keeping with its purpose, I’m opening a topic in the forums for anyone who wants to throw ideas around for a cleanup system inside Infinite Blank itself, and the sorts of challenges it would face.  I wrote a rundown of systems that have been proposed so far and some new ones.  The ideology and guidelines behind the system are also up for discussion.

>> To the forums, if you dare… <<

To the casual reader:  don’t expect the forums to be too active until I can get off my butt and release a good, solid update.  Regarding development, I’m going to try to find a way to allocate a small but regular allowance of time to Blank development amidst the contract work and super-secret commercial project I’ll be working on this summer.

Thanks for reading–

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  1. solidfake

     /  2011/06/27

    needs a stable new version :(

  2. Energo

     /  2011/08/10

    Hey Cellulose where you gone?

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