The Next Step

This project has been in a sorry state for some time.  That’s changing.

I’ve made a decision.  Upon the next release of Infinite Blank, the server software will be distributed and the game will launch without a central server.  The reasons for this:

  • I’m having a lot of trouble finding a way to host a central server right now.
  • I can’t commit the time to moderate worlds with my current obligations.
  • It will allow players to experiment with the game in some new ways.
  • It’s in the spirit of the game, I’ve realized.  Anyone can host.

The central server will return in the future, but it may be a while.  I apologize to those who have been promised private/public hosted worlds in this version, but at this point Infinite Blank needs to avert complete failure.  (On the upside, I finally have the tech to make renderings for the prints!)

I’ll need to make some changes to the client and a small database interface to allow players to find servers.  If I can swing it, I’d like to get avatars working again, too.  Because I’m working on a team project and contract work right now, I can’t say how long this will take.

For now, I’ll tell you about an interesting trick.  You’ll need a wifi network, two or more machines that can play the game, and an equivalent number of humans.

  1. Download the latest version of Infinite Blank onto the computers.
  2. Choose one to be the server.  (Anything more powerful than a netbook, with some free hard drive space, should do.)
    Open a copy of the game on that machine, and press control -0 at the menu.  Now it’s a server!  (Yes, you could do this all along.)
  3. On the SAME machine, open the game again.  (You can use the same copy.)  Press control-1 at the menu and it will connect to itself.
  4. This part’s a little buggy.  You’ll fall through empty space if I recall right.  When you fall across the border, choose NOT to edit.  You’ll bounce back and be asked again whether you want to edit.  This time, accept.
  5. Draw the first cell!  Players spawn at the center.  If you’re really mean, you could box it in, but don’t expect it to go over well.
  6. After you save, have your friends boot up their copies of the game, pressing control-3 at the menu screen.
    (if this fails, have them make sure they’re on the same LAN)
    For bonus points, stare interestedly at the console output of the server program as they do so.
  7. Proceed to have an Infinite Blank party.  Consider sharing your results in the forums!
    All your stuff will be saved in the “blank/server” folder tree.  A complete backlog of world history is saved.

I’ll document admin functions and release a tiny patch to allow connecting to remote servers soon.  I might do this faster with some encouragement.

My thanks to those who have prodded with comments and the odd forum post over these last months.

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  1. Willi

     /  2012/02/05


  2. Kim

     /  2012/02/05

    Same as above ^^
    I hope that you can find some inspiration to make this update, I will be looking forward to it :)

  3. Hypnos

     /  2012/02/08

    You seem to have forgotten a few files in the “Blank/Server” directory, this is preventing me from running a server, i miss this game and i can’t wait for the opportunity to introduce it to my friends!

  4. John Doe

     /  2012/02/12

    Thank you.

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