Nothing worth doing is easy…

0.3.0 is having a nice little start.  Two part-time servers yesterday and a new one brought up today, all seeing nice growth.  I’ve done a little doodling in all three.  And it’s nice to see this thing alive again.

My attention is drawn now to the biggest among the many issues with the program, especially those relating to how players interact with one another.

  • A lobby that shows all running non-private servers and their statistics.  This will be coming next update or the one after, hopefully.
  • No custom avatars, makes other players much less interesting than they should be.
    • Advanced:  If you want to hack around this early, press ~, type in ‘figedit’, hit ENTER, hit control-L or the folder button, and load “../blank/menu/avatar.fig”.  This editor tool takes some figuring out and lets you select, layer and shift things.  Hit Control-S twice to quickly save over the file.
  • The ‘chat’ window covers most of the screen, possibly blocking what other players are saying.  This is a huge problem.


    Use number 73 for the banter tool: making grumpy faces at the banter tool.

  • There’s no interaction with players who are drawing something, and really ought to be.  A spectator-mode would be great, though that’s hard to implement.
  • Some issues and bugs in the draw tool.
    • A non-randomized palette and some smarter color selection tools.
    • Fill acts strangely around the outside edges of a cell.
    • There needs to be some kind of feature to aid in drawing things “behind” or “inside” other things.  (Layering and/or masking)
    • Some features, like right-click erasing walls and zoom, aren’t very well explained.
    • Some kind of vertex-count warning (*possibly* a limit the admin can set) so users know when their cells will start to get laggy.
    • A way of testing the cell without having to upload and re-edit it, or at least having an indicator of characters’ jump height / length.
  • Better admin features.
    • Re-blanking cells.  (used to be in, removed when I made passwords more secure)
    • Editing without altering the password.
    • In the long run, setting default permissions and appointing moderators, probably with a password elevation system.

These are the things I’m currently going to pick and choose from as priorities in coming updates.  I’m curious what YOU guys think is important, though, so let me hear what you think I should dedicate my (rather limited) time to first.

Over and out–

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  1. Tesselode

     /  2012/02/16

    I honestly think you should have a text chat. I know you want to encourage creativity with the picture chat, but it doesn’t really allow for communicating any detailed messages. Text chat would be more compact than picture chat, and it would make it easier to have interaction with others when drawing, alleviating both of the problems with chat you mentioned. You can have picture chat too, but it’s kind of hard to communicate without text.

    • cellulose

       /  2012/02/16

      If/when I do add it, I’ll make it an administrator option. :\ I might approach it from a slightly different angle, though.

  2. NavyBlue

     /  2012/02/16

    I am split on what I would like to see happen next, administrative tools are of big importance and they need to be addressed, but I would love to see the chat streamlined or remade, and to see custom avatars back in, this will allow us to be better able to communicate, and to express ourselves over blank. Although i absolutely LOVE the picture chat, if we absolutely HAVE to use text in order to make communication viable, i’m ok with it. Avatars definitely would give the incentive to create more elaborate themes.

    • NavyBlue

       /  2012/02/17

      Just relized i listed almost everything, but if i had to pick two. I would pick the Admin tools, and the Avatars.

      • NavyBlue

         /  2012/02/18

        but definitely avatars first

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