0.3.1: The unbreakening

Hello everyone!  0.3.1 is out!

This is a client-side update, so servers don’t need to be updated, strictly speaking.  It’s optional for clients too.

Major changes are, avatars are back, (!) chat is less terrible, (!?) and favorite warp-points are fixed.  (!!!)  This smooths out a few of the most glaring issues with the game at present.  (Besides the crashes, which don’t seem to happen on my computer.  Terribly sorry about those.)

Supplementary stuff: you can hit L to keep the chatlog onscreen while playing, and you can use the mouse to zoom in.  (The latter mostly so you can get a nice close look at other players’ avatars.)

the avatar screen...

I'm making a cat! Use multiple colors so you're visible against various backgrounds.

Please refrain from making any catty remarks. ZIIINNGGGG

Me placing a favorite point in a little cave.

I fiddled with the ‘help’ dialog a little bit, so you may want to reread it.  I also made several small changes and fixes:

Hopefully fixed the "glErrors" crash on window resize.
Made antialiasing ON by default.  (pg.ini)
Fixed a spelling error and wording in one of the connection errors.
Changed music key to TAB (Due to a mistake, P is still the un-pause command on Mac!)
Added preview for avatar size in avatar selector
Added preview for avatar in world select
Fixed brush tool cursor
Changed avatar color key to a dark gray.
The 'cancel' button in chat no longer shows a confirmation screen.

You can download the new version here:

0.3.1 for Windows

0.3.1 for OS X 10.6+


While those upload I’ll brain-dump a bit.  Things I’m thinking about doing soon:  (disclaimer: no guarantees I will)

  • A favorite servers list — since the next update will have the lobby system, this will probably only apply to private servers
  • A way to check if a server is online before connecting — a “knock” feature, essentially.
  • addressing the horrific awkwardness of jumpthrough (red) platforms, possibly retconning all existing ones into some kind of ladder-substance.
  • Creating a ‘mask’ function for the painter that will allow things to be drawn inside selected areas.
  • Adding some more wall-class materials (water?) and making all the tools (rectangle, fill, etc) usable for walling.
  • Possibly allowing characters to be of differing sizes.
  • Administration tools
    • Commands for erasing, and possibly rolling back cells
    • Configurable limits for delay between new cells, minimum work time on new cells
    • Configurable default permissions for new users, ways to elevate permissions from visitor -> normal -> moderator -> admin
    • Tying said elevations into the free-teleport feature, or possibly enabling it for all users (ruins the fun of exploration!)
    • Placement of new entry points, which will be presented when the user connects (ties into the new map system)
  • Tools to deal with disk usage on both the server and client, like clearing the cache.

And a million more things.  But so it goes.

Have fun, citizens of the Blank.  Build some worlds.

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  1. NavyBlue

     /  2012/02/20

    Hooray! Avatars back! Favorites working! THE CHAT HAS HISTORY!!!! Hoora! hooray! thank you!

    • NavyBlue

       /  2012/02/20

      Though I do have to say, the avatars are a bit small, especially compared to what we were using.

  2. Willi

     /  2012/02/20

    Has anyone been able to get this to work under Wine? I have been having no luck with the 0.3.* series. :(

    • cellulose

       /  2012/02/20

      Might be because I switched compilers. I might look into getting an x86 Linux build functional in that case. Really need some advice on how to do it right, but we’ll see.

  3. LandsharkRAWR

     /  2012/02/20


  4. zoid

     /  2012/02/21

    Yay, it’s alive… ALIVE!! :)
    Thank you Evan
    gotta find my old DR.zoidberg avatar and draw some new crazy worlds!

  5. andrew0404

     /  2012/02/23

    Very cool if add in next update wall-space and wall-water

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