What time doth take…

…a game doth make.

I’m fiddling with the next version of the software part of Infinite Blank.  I’ve come to realize that on its own it’s not really worth calling a game.  Rather, it’s something a game is played with.  Like a tennis racket, only more electric.  In light of that my long-term goal should be to make it as elegant and versatile as possible with what time I can devote.
(And on that note I’ve added a donate button.)

0.3.2 is coming along, and the features and changes I’ve set my sights on break down more or less as follows:

  • Lobby, displaying available servers (waiting on a friend’s help)
  • New mapscreen
    • shows general shape and size of entire world, but little detail
    • used for teleporting
    • highlights explored vs. unexplored, edit-in-progress, changed-since-last-visit, and open/shared password modes.
  • Re-introduce exploration memory (ie, remember what player has visited)
  • Multiple, admin-picked entry points to worlds — mapscreen appears when joining world
  • Player status icons — idle/chatting/editing/mapmode/etc
  • Tweaks to avatar size (they’re way too small)
  • Improved admin functions on servers ???
    • Creating new entry points
    • Cell erasing
    • Access mode / password overrides
    • Save-with-same-password
    • *possibly* start on permissions system
      • Modes are visitor/subuser/user/moderator/admin
      • Subusers can draw, users can save passwords, mods bypass passwords, admins do anything
      • Default permission set on world-join; generally ‘user’ but admin can reconfigure
      • “Elevate” command with password and (for mods/admins) command prompt via [~]

It’s my expectation that the alternate entry point system will have some interesting effects on the way Infinite Blank works.  It’s been a dearly needed feature for any world that has gotten beyond infancy.  Thus far my work has been focused on the new mapscreen and clearing up an issue with the server software.  0.3.2 will *probably* be a mandatory update both for clients and servers.

Remember this? Well, yeah, this. Maybe not so tiny with the squares though.

I’m going to try and be wary this time around of “list creep” in updates.  (That is to say I might not do everything in the above list.)  Weekly is more fun, and I should really stick to that when I can manage it.

Expect the update by next weekend.

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  1. NavyBlue

     /  2012/02/29

    Yay this list sounds wonderful! And I love the idea of weekly updates, its something to look forward to!

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