Evan goes to GDC!

Well, it’s that time of year again.

I’ll be preoccupied for the next week with a trip to the Game Developers’ Conference in San Fransisco, though I might slip a small amount of Infinite Blank work in in the meantime.  I didn’t really consider this when I was projecting an update this weekend and for that I am very sorry.  :(  On the other hand I’m all done packing and don’t have anything else to do, so perhaps I’ll write some code tomorrow before I leave.

I made some last-minute business cards that will tie into Infinite Blank.  Maybe not as cool as last year’s, but should still be pretty neat:

This space intentionally left blank.

Doesn't look much like a game, does it?

There’s a game I’ll be running with these:  when I give someone my business card, I offer them some crayons to make a drawing on it.  If they refuse they simply take the blank card.  If they accept, I will then offer them a trade after the drawing is complete.  They give me their card, and I’ll give them a mystery card with a drawing someone else has made.  Each card which is traded thusly will be numbered and, if the artist so chooses, signed.  I *might* try to snap photos of them.  I’ve already prepared number zero!

(As much as I would like to make a more direct interpretation of Infinite Blank in physical space, I don’t want to carry a bulletin board around with me, hence this simpler scheme.  If I ever run a booth for the game, however, expect exactly that!)

If anyone reading this happens to be at GDC, you can play a round if you manage to catch me.  I look roughly like this:


Note the plaid hat and misplaced enthusiasm.

Not much else to say.  I’ll try to work on an update but odds are I’m pretty much out of the picture until next Saturday.  That said, meeting old friends and making new ones has a way of recharging the batteries; I think the time pays itself back twofold in motivation and good vibes.

Gotta pack my accordion–

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  1. solidfake

     /  2012/03/06

    hey, I just wanted to thank you for continuing this project!

    I didn’t check the website since about a year or so only to get surprised by dozens of updates and as well as many amounts of enthusiasm. This game does have so much potential, it’s a gem in this world of uncreative game design.
    thank you for that!

    also do you still accept donations?
    I don’t have any money on my paypal yet but I will soon have and I would like to give you a bit more enthusiasm to don’t give up on the game XD

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