Minor Life Intrusion

Hey everyone–

Pardon the silence from my end the last few weeks.  I had a bit of an epiphany at GDC to the effect that I’m not very happy out here in Los Angeles (and moreover can’t afford the cost of living here without taking on oodles of contract work) and I’d rather be back in Ames, IA with the friends I left there.  Thus, I’m moving back in short order.  This, among other things (see: oodles of contract work) has had me a bit distracted since then.  I might not be getting much done on the Blank for a while.

Someday I’ll be able to give this project the time it deserves.  My choice to move is part of an effort to drag my accumulating “somedays” a bit closer to the present.


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  1. NavyBlue

     /  2012/03/29

    Good Luck! Although I am sad that blank will yet again, be on hold, I wish you the best of luck! As for us, I plan to fill your check in’s with blank with interesting art!

  2. Milad Thaha

     /  2012/03/31

    Hang in there Evan! Take care of the things that you need to, first. :)

  3. solidfake

     /  2012/04/08

    that’s no problem, getting your personal life right should have first priority nonetheless!

    good luck!

  4. andrew0404

     /  2013/09/23

    I will wait… forever…

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