0.2.2 Released!

0.2.2 is out.  You can download it here.

Changes:  Works on Mac (?), “favorite” locations, “share” passwords.

This version, as far as I know, should be fully compatible with Mac OS X Leopard.  If anyone can confirm or deny that, leave a comment.

It’s a required update, which means you’ll have to download it to keep playing.  See the changelog below if you’re wondering what’s new.

(The server went down right after release for network-related reasons, but is back up now)


0.2.2 - October 10, ~7:00 AM
 (Required update)

 This version should (finally) be Mac-friendly and operable on Leopard.
 This version should have necessary Linux libraries packaged with it.

 NEW: Favorite locations (stars) may be placed on the map with the F-key.
   These (and start points) can be clicked to teleport.
   Note that they can't be placed too close together.
 NEW: Players may now 'share' their cells using passwords starting with *.
   Players without the "*password" can edit these, but can't lock them.

 BUGFIX: When traveling in unvisited areas, walls should be gap-free.
 BUGFIX: The dropper tool can now sample from outside the drawing area.

 Pressing F1 ingame now brings up the help-text, instead of crazy mode.
 The editor now enforces a minimum working time for new cells (4 minutes)
   and ensures users make use of the wall tool before they save.
 The cache should take a little less time to save and load now.
   (I'll be eliminating it entirely later)
 The T key's function is now a toggle-on-toggle-off affair.

 Wall visualization has been tweaked a little.
 Outlines, where they appear (EG, the pen tool) are very slightly bolder.
 The title screen has been cleaned up and a thingie has been added to it.
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  1. Steve Shaner

     /  2010/10/11

    Yeah, it works on my Intel MBP running 10.6.4. It isn’t recognizing the small lower-right Enter key, so every place you say Enter/Return, I have to use Return.

  2. Steve Shaner

     /  2010/10/11

    Whoops, grabbed the wrong model there. See the lower right region of this keyboard instead.

  3. Jenn

     /  2010/10/13

    Seems to be working, I can create an avatar, but then can’t connect to the server. I’ll try again later.

    MBP OS X 10.6.4

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