Infinite Blank’s forum provides a place for users to talk about their creations, possible collaborations, and meeting up ingame for adventures!  It’s also a place to talk to the developer (me!) about problems with the game and suggestions to make it better.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

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Text-based chat isn’t part of Infinite Blank.  However, for those who want to use it, there’s an official IRC channel. :: #infiniteblank

IRC, for those not familiar, is an old but prominent chatroom protocol.  I use the program X-Chat for Windows and can sometimes be found hanging around #infiniteblank myself.  Free clients (programs that can connect to IRC rooms) can be found for all modern platforms, and a few even run in web browsers.

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  1. Matthew

     /  2011/04/22

    spaghetti is back and better than ever!

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