Note this version has no central server!
You’ll want to find one here.

It would be a great help if you could report any problems you encounter in the forums.


Download 0.3.1:


OS X 10.6+

No Linux build right now; try WINE


Download 0.3.0 (just in case)


OS X 10.6+


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  1. tony

     /  2010/10/12

    dude, this game is sweet. it crashes all the time but i’m sure that’ll get fixed eventually. great idea, keep up the good work

  2. georg

     /  2010/10/13

    Doesn’t seem to work on my mac (Version 10.6.4).

    I’ll test it on windows tomorrow.

    • cellulose

       /  2010/10/13

      What sort of machine are you running?

      Seems to work on some machines better than others, and there’s still one subtle bug I need to get at that could be the root of remaining issues.

  3. Johan

     /  2010/10/14

    Hm, It works great and super smooth FPS for me on my iMac OS X 10.6.4. Never crashed or hung.

  4. Marco

     /  2010/10/14

    Ah ah ah this game is genial!

    Am I going against the whole game’s phylosofy if I suggest to add a teletransport function?

    • cellulose

       /  2010/10/14

      Certainly not! One’s already in there, in fact. If you hold F, you can plop down favorite points that you can click on from your map.

      You can’t have them too close together, though. Other favorite points close by will be deleted after a warning.

      (It’s not a very good system right now and I need to work on making it more obvious / easier to use)

  5. Petr

     /  2010/10/14

    Could it be possible for you to release the source code? I’d like to run in on my FreeBSD box, and there are many other operating systems/architectures (including mobile devices) people will be happy to try this on. Also with source it will be possible for users to debug and fix crashes/bugs for you, if there are any. Thanks.

    • cellulose

       /  2010/10/14

      I want to do this, but I need to be ready for it first. I have several other projects that share source code with Infinite Blank, as well as some security concerns regarding the network protocol, so I think I’ll need to do some work first.

  6. jc

     /  2010/10/15

    Hi using Ubuntu 10.04 here. Not working :(

    Active Memory: 0 B
    Instantiating game…
    Initializing Program…
    Program Module is GO.
    Initializing Universe…
    Universe Module is GO.
    Initializing Clock…
    Clock Module is GO.
    Initializing Random…
    Random Module is GO.
    Initializing FileSystem…
    FileSystem Module is GO.
    Initializing Graphics…
    resource/font/default.font: inaccessible.”

    Looks awesome though, good luck.

    • cellulose

       /  2010/10/15

      It looks like your executable isn’t with its files. It needs the resource and blank folders that came along with the game, and the stuff in them.

  7. I really love this game! When the money’s there, I’ll be sure to donate. In the meantime, keep it up.
    Thanks for making this.

  8. mattman69

     /  2010/10/20

    for some reason it wont show anything except the person for me can anyone help me?

  9. mattman69

     /  2010/10/22

    good job on the game its working out really well and u did a great job at getting rid of the gray wall prob
    i CANT wait till 0.3.0 comes out its gonna be sooooooo awesome

  10. I had fun with it. Thanks for making a great metaphor for human collaboration and creativity. A few ideas… 1) consider making every cell editable, and see if the individual cells become richer / more refined, 2) how to make the game more interactive? it’s fun as is, but all you can do is move around. perhaps people could place gems you could collect, or some other more spirit-based metaphor. don’t want to complexify it too much of course.

    well done!

  11. vladblack

     /  2010/12/01

    no connect server

  12. Different55

     /  2011/01/11

    This is very similar and much more frequently updated EVERYBODYEDITS.COM. It’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to try this game out.

  13. Forrest

     /  2011/04/13

    it wont let me download for some reason

  14. tW4r

     /  2011/04/14

    Where are the file i see only Download
    Note: this version is a prerelease! It’s buggy and incomplete, provided so the game can be playable while it’s finished.

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  15. tW4r

     /  2011/04/20

    Update: Now can download

  16. James

     /  2011/05/04

    to add faves all you have to do is go into blank
    then into client
    create a folder called Prerelease
    create a new tect file and call it faves!
    awesome game and once i got faves working it was alot better because i could warp to my maps and nearer the edge(so i can draw)

  17. Joe

     /  2011/05/20

    Hey Good game but when i maximize it closes I don’t think it’s a bug tho.

  18. WhoCarrot

     /  2011/10/01

    Could you please try to get up the server again asap? I can’t wait to try out this game with my friends!

    • I’m afraid I don’t have a very good hold on the server situation right now. It may be a while (months) before things are up and running again. :(

  19. AzazeL_Rus

     /  2012/03/03

    Does not work! (Climbs off the console and then just simply shuts down … no errors ((Help

  20. Gabriel

     /  2012/04/14

    I wont start, i run it but it instantly crashes, and this makes me sad because i was really excited about playing this, i have tried both bersions 0.3.1 and 0.3.0 , neither of them work

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