Infinite Blank is a massively multiplayer online canvas.
The game’s world is endless, because players draw all of it.
Anyone can draw a new piece in a blank spot.
It then becomes a permanent part of the map.
The world grows as people play, and they can explore it together.
The goal is simple: creativity and exploration.

By the way, it’s completely free.
The client is crossplatform and supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Click the ‘Download’ link above to go get it, or ‘Forums’ to participate in the community.

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  1. The Internet

     /  2010/10/17

    This is not a criticism, but a polite request for clarification.

    Will the Source code be made available?

    If so, under what licence ?

    • cellulose

       /  2010/10/17

      I would like to opensource the project in the future. If and when I do, the engine will be released under a zlib-like (obscenely permissive) license and Infinite Blank’s own code will be licensed to allow noncommercial variants.

      • The Internet

         /  2010/10/18

        Sounds good.
        There are a few new revenue models around open source games that you may want to consider before you make a final decision on the licences for both the engine and the game itself however, they may make it easier to insure the future of the project should you wish to continue development of the game itself and any community that grows around it far into the future.

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