Tools Used

This is a partial listing of free tools and resources I’ve used in the development of Infinite Blank. ┬áNon-free resources will be mentioned when I think they’re particularly worthwhile.



Plaidgadget (the engine, made by me)

Code::Blocks (for writing the code)

Cygwin (for compiling on Windows)

Ubuntu Server Edition (for the server and linux compiles)

GNU GCC (for compiling on Linux)

OGG Vorbis and Flac (for sound)

PNG (for raster exports of Infinite Blank’s vector graphics)

SDL 1.2 (for graphics, audio, and input on all platforms)

SDL_Net (for networking on all platforms)

Clipper by AngusJ (for CSG operations in the painter and elsewhere)

OpenGL/GLU (for graphics on all platforms)

AngelScript (not yet used–a scripting language)

boost::filesystem (for file browsing and scanning, mainly the server)


Dreamhost (non-free, my web hosting service of choice)

WordPress (this weblog)

Simple Machines Forum (the forums)

reCAPTCHA / wp-reCAPTCHA (the anti-spam feature in the comments)

WP-Polls (for polls)

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