My name is Evan Balster, and I’m the developer Infinite Blank.  I used the handle “Cellulose” now and then before making this project, and it’s since become much more appropriate.  (Cellulose is this, not this.)

Contact me at evan@infiniteblank.com.

Kristin Miltner is the second member of the Infinite Blank Team. She’ll be making sound and perhaps some music too!

Neha Shah is volunteering as community manager.

Josh Whelchel and Zoe Blade have joined up as music contributors!

Last but not least is Infinite Blank’s massive art staff, who have invested countless volunteer hours into the construction of its world.  :)


Additional thanks:

Beau Blyth, a long-time collaborator of mine who helps with seeding, tool feedback, and makes games of his own!

Ted Martens, a good friend and fellow game developer here in Ames, who’s given me similar assistance.

Kim Eue and Adam Rotondi, Zac Culp and Matt McMann, who built the core of the 0.2 world other than the center cell (which was Beau’s work).  They are wonderful friends and have given me lots of good feedback and encouragement on the project.

Everyone who has contributed over at my ongoing Kickstarter, the Kickstarter team for their interest in my project, and Nick “Cavalcadeofcats” Feinberg, for helping out monetarily with the project.


I’ll probably add to this list as time goes on.

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  1. jon

     /  2010/10/15

    just wanted to say, this is a really cool project. if it werent 3am (hey i gotta work at 7am!) i would jump in playing now.

    for many years a friend and i have “run” (read: let sit idle) a site for collaborative art — http://www.sito.org. the synergy projects there have a lot in common (in a much more static, image-based kinda way)… so i am thrilled to see this game take on some of the same collaborative fun!

    if you ever would like to discuss somehow tying things into sito, like need help with a web presence or server help, please let us know. also, it might be fun to work on a “lite” html5 (canvas) version. our team of sito coders are getting old (aka have jobs, :( ) but who knows who we might be able to find to help out… heh

    most of all tho: keep up the good work!!


  2. Ross Radford

     /  2011/05/26

    Hi Evan! I really love this game and everything you and the others have done. I would really enjoy working with other creative minds and would like to offer my skills. I am a database designer, manager etc. I have five years experience working with various database systems including SQL, MySql, DBase, and I’m an expert Access developer. Since I have a very honed sense of proper database theory and normalization, maybe I could help your team in scaling up the game’s backend while preserving fast response times. Please let me know if I am good candidate for such work and as always, code on!

  3. EliteLego

     /  2011/11/28

    may I be a translator for the game? I can translate the game into many diffrent languages!

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